Mutton bustin' focus: How Patti Smith manages to keep contestants on topic

HOUSTON – A fan favorite of The Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show is mutton bustin’, and second to that is the interviews with the contestants -- the often hilarious interviews conducted by Patti Smith, of the Harris County Houston Sports Authority. 

For years, Smith has been corralling the winning kids after the event – and it’s often a stunning show of journalistic skill to keep the interview focused. 

After Marlie McDonald -- the wannabe spy -- won the night on Tuesday, Smith turned her head to bring her back to the cameras to complete her interview. 

Watch for the moment below: 

On Wednesday night, Smith managed to keep little Tyler Rowe on topic by telling him to not look up at NRG Stadium’s overhead monitors, even holding his head in place when his eyes continued to stray up. 

Watch for the moment in his full interview: 

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