Dallas Keuchel stood up: This is how Astros star spilled tea after snub

The Astros pitcher told everyone about it on Instagram


HOUSTON – You’ve won a world championship. You’re one of the best pitchers in the league. You’re at the top of your game. Your beard game is extremely strong. Things are going great...until someone stands you up for a bro date. 

That’s what happened to Astros fan favorite Dallas Keuchel on Monday.

The Astros ace let the world know about his #LunchFail on his Instagram story. I mean, that’s what you do, right? Someone stands you up, you call that person out on social media. Spill that tea, Dallas.

This story gets even better though. Apparently the “stander-upper” in this scenario...is a teammate...a fellow pitcher!

Keuchel wrote: “Thanks for standing me up at lunch...” And then he tagged @lancemccullers43

We should also add that Keuchel included a single-tear emoji. Aw, so sad.

The good news is: Keuchel's solo lunch was a healthy one. The picture included a Whole Foods bag and a container that included something that looked like a wrap.

Well done, Dallas.

And Lance, we forgive you. You probably used that time to rescue dogs in need (we love the work that you do!)

Maybe you guys can reschedule when you get to Florida for spring training? Pitchers and catchers report to West Palm Beach on Wednesday.