'SNL' parodies Patriots-Eagles fans


'Saturday Night Live' took on the Super Bowl LII matchup between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

The sketch takes place in 1775 during the Revolutionary War where representatives from New England meet with representatives in Philadelphia. The seemingly obnoxious 'patriots' of New England, with Rachel Dratch and Natalie Portman among others, walk in celebrating their latest win on the battlefield.

"We are the patriots of New England and we are unstoppable," Dratch's character says.

Then the Philadelphia representatives, led by Tina Fey, show up, defending their battle heroics.

"Call us the Iggles 'cause we're ready to fly," Fey's character says. "And like eagles, we Philadelphians are swift, we are deadly and our eyes are all a little too close together."

WATCH the segment here.