Look out Texan ranchers, Nebraska Longhorn rides shotgun on highway

Video shows cheapest, creative solution to transporting livestock


VERDIGRE, Neb. – Bull riding has a whole different meaning, apparently, in Nebraska as a video shows a live longhorn in the passenger seat of a Ford Crown Victoria.

You read it right: Nebraskans apparently have ditched the traditional way of transporting livestock by truck and trailer, and instead have cut out the passenger side of an old police cruiser to fit an adult longhorn.

Video of the “farm vehicle” was shared to YouTube on Friday and has already gained more than 20,000 views.

According to the YouTube page “ViralHog” -- which licensed the video on behalf of Craig Falls, who shot the video -- the converted Crown Victoria was traveling down a highway in Verdigre, Nebraska.

Falls said he went to pass a slow vehicle on the highway and as he was passing by the car, he noticed something very strange was on the passenger side of the car.

“We were driving down the highway on our way to Kolach Days in Verdigre, Nebraska, to play a polka gig, when traffic began to slow down. We went to pass the slow vehicle and noticed as we passed by there was a crazy sight,” Falls said, according to the YouTube page. “We pulled over and waited for it to come by so we could see it again and take a video.”

According to Jalopnik.com, one commentator on Facebook said the cattle hauler was featured as a parade float in Verdigre’s annual Kolach Days parade.

Falls originally posted the viral video to Facebook, but due to ViralHog licensing the content, the video lives on its YouTube page. 

(WARNING: Video contains graphic language)


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