Houston woman graduating from medical school plans to 'wed' her diploma

Angie Hamouie
Angie Hamouie (Facebook)

HOUSTON – A Houston woman graduating from medical school this year plans to marry her diploma.

Angie Hamouie, 27, is graduating from the University of Texas Medical School on May 13, and she’s planning a gradu-wedding.

Hamouie told Cosmopolitan magazine she plans wear an ivory dress, walk into her reception with the framed diploma, toss a bouquet, and even “feed (her diploma) cake.”

My #Graduwedding story has been spiraling out of control. But so far my favorite retelling is by Tess Koman at Cosmopolitan.

Posted by Angie Hamouie on Thursday, April 20, 2017

The event is expected to cost around $3,000, but her family is helping cover costs, Cosmopolitan reports.

Hamouie will soon move to Washington D.C. to start her Georgetown Ob-Gyn residency.

She told Cosmopolitan the medical school graduation -- and the culmination of nine years of higher education -- was just as important a milestone as marriage.

“I worried that folks wouldn't take my party seriously because it was 'only' a graduation,” Hamouie told Cosmopolitan.

She acknowledged that not everyone might understand the idea: “For anyone who thinks the graduwedding idea is nuts, I say of course it is!” she said. “I shouldn't have to pretend I'm marrying a piece of paper to convince folks that this achievement is a big deal. The goal of the graduwedding is to make people pause to think why we don't celebrate graduations as big as weddings, even though they represent so much.”

Hamouie has a graduwedding website with all the details of her event, and is asking that instead of gifts, guests donate to kids’ education causes.

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