Luke Bryan: 'I'm going to follow my heart' during national anthem

HOUSTON – Country singer Luke Bryan said he’s going to follow his heart when he sings the national anthem during Super Bowl LI.

Houston will host the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons for the NFL championship game on Sunday evening at NRG stadium.

The Georgia native said that while he usually tries to remain neutral during the Big Game, he will definitely be rooting for his home team this year.

“It’s a different kind of scenario that my Falcons are in there,” Bryan said.

Bryan said performing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Super Bowl is a big moment for him. He said he doesn’t plan to have a band or orchestra accompany him during his rendition.

“I’m going to kind of walk out there and follow my heart and follow the vibe of the room,” Bryan said.

The singer said he’s still not sure how long his performance of the anthem will be, but there are a couple of things that could factor into his decision.

“I may get out there and go, 'I'm about to pass out and need to get this thing over quick,' or I may get out there and really, really feel good in the moment and try to milk it a little bit," Bryan said.

Bryan said he understands both the importance of the song and its importance to the troops, especially to those stationed overseas.

“It’s the basis of why I believe as an entertainer you should stand up and sing the anthem,” Bryan said. “It’s such an important thing for the troops to watch patriotic moments back home.”

Bryan will return to Houston on March 16 to play the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

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