'90 Day Fiancé': Avery Claims Tom Texted Her After Finding Out She's Single

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Part one of the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 4 tell-all ended on a dramatic note on Sunday night, when Avery claimed that her castmate Darcey's ex, Tom, texted her after finding out she broke up with Ash.

Earlier during the tell-all, Avery and Ash revealed they broke up despite still being together when their season ended. Tom was, of course, participating in the tell-all to talk about his failed relationship with Darcey, but things took a shocking turn when Tom said that he no longer wanted to talk if Avery was present. Even though a bewildered Avery said she was not coming on to "attack" Tom, he insisted that he was "not interested" in talking about it when host Shaun Robinson said she was confused about Tom suddenly having a problem with Avery. Tom said the entire situation was "bulls**t" before turning off his camera. At this point, Avery claimed that Tom actually texted her after finding out she was single again. The text message drama will continue in part two of the tell-all, which airs Monday night at 8 p.m. on TLC.

Meanwhile, when it came to Tom and Darcey, the two were able to be civil toward one another despite their nasty breakup. Tom told Darcey that she was looking good and apologized for the hurtful things he said to her when they broke up, specifically, when he asked her if she "put on weight." He said that he lashed out in anger and that his comments were "unacceptable," which clearly, 90 Day Fiancé viewers and his fellow castmates agreed with.

Darcey said that she now has the last laugh due to her "revenge body" as she showed off her figure in a tight dress for the camera. She later confronted Tom about two-timing her with a Canadian woman named Shannon, whom he met during Milan Fashion Week. Darcey had found flirty pictures of Tom with Shannon when they were still technically dating, though Tom said he didn't consider what he did cheating. He said that he and Shannon were now no longer together and only dated for three weeks. Shannon was invited to appear in the tell-all but she declined, though she did release a statement. She claimed Tom told her he was single when they met and that she was also under the impression that Darcey had moved on with another man. She said that she only dated Tom for about a month, but wished both him and Darcey the best.

When it comes to Tom and Darcey's big breakup, Tom continued to insist that he didn't meet up with her in New York City just to break up with her like she feared. Rather, he said if the meeting had gone another way, he probably would have ended up with her. He said he wanted Darcey to fight for the relationship, and to tell him that she wanted to be with him and to stop seeing Shannon.

He also acknowledged that some of his actions toward Darcey were awful, like when he didn't bother to FaceTime her on her 45th birthday and instead, opted to just text her. He explained that he didn't have Wi-Fi at the time but that it was no excuse.