'RHONY': Ramona Demands Apology From Leah Over Night She Doesn't Even Remember (Exclusive)

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It wouldn't be a Housewives trip if someone didn’t cry, right?

The ladies of The Real Housewives of New York City are in Newport, Rhode Island, for a girls getaway, and things are tense between Ramona Singer and Leah McSweeney after some sort of issue the night before. It seems that Ramona thinks Leah's drunken antics "ruined" a dinner Ramona hosted, and now Ramona is attempting to exclude Leah from the group. But again, they're on a trip, so it's kind of hard to freeze someone out.

"She didn't apologize about last night," Ramona says to Dorinda Medley after Dorinda encourages Ramona to be "inclusive" of Leah. "I'm sorry. I didn't like her behavior."

The women get into a back-and-forth over who needs to make the first move to move things forward, Leah or Ramona, as Sonja Morgan accuses Dorinda of "enabling" Leah. The whole thing gets to be a bit much for Leah, who is sitting just feet away from the not-so-private conversation about her. She quickly interacts and asks, "What the f**k is happening right now?"

Sonja tells Leah to apologize to Ramona, who at first refuses to turn around toward Leah. Ultimately, Ramona faces Leah, who offers up what appears to be a heartfelt apology and admits to being "very drunk" the night before.

"So, you think that’s acceptable behavior?" Ramona asks, cutting off Leah's apology. "I actually blacked it out -- and I call it 'black out' -- I blocked out your behavior, 'cause it was so atrocious, I didn't want to remember it. It's very upsetting to me."

Naturally, Luann de Lesseps couldn't let that Freudian slip -- blacked out vs. blocked out -- go by, going on to claim that she believes Ramona has no clue what she's even mad about because she did, in fact, black out after drinking!

"She can't remember, so she says she 'blocked it out,'" Luann goes on to whisper to Dorinda. "She blacked out, OK? And now she's making this poor girl feel bad."

"Come on, this is a crock of s**t," she adds in a confessional. "Ramona's coming down really hard on Leah when, god knows, Ramona has not been an angel."

Watch the full thing play out here:

The whole things gets more complicated by, one, Leah feeling "jerked around" by the women, who apparently first told her it was OK to invite her sister on the trip before reneging the invite, and two, by Sonja, who flip-flops the whole time, bouncing between Team Ramona and Team Leah. In the end, Sonja claims that what's really making Ramona upset is that Leah's alleged bad behavior somehow reminded her of her troubled childhood.

"Maybe my behavior triggered Ramona’s trauma from her childhood, and that really breaks my heart," Leah offers, tearfully. "Honestly, like, the fact that maybe I triggered something like that for you kills me."

Ahead of the season, Ramona opened up to ET about her relationship with Leah, who is 26 years Ramona's junior.

"She has a roller coaster of a personality, which you’ll see," Ramona teased. "I kind of looked at her, to be honest, as my daughter. So yeah, I definitely hold her to another standard. So you can definitely say I’m tough on her because I want better from her. ... The mothering side came out."

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.


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