College Student Sets Up Virtual Blind Date for Her Single Mom and Professor

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Aly Oliver, a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder, can now add "matchmaker" to her resume.

Like many college students across the country, Aly has been taking classes online while quarantining at home in California with her single mother, Laura, amid the coronavirus pandemic. One day, while Aly was on a Zoom call with her classmates, Laura took notice of her daughter's attractive professor and quickly developed a crush. Naturally, Aly then took to TikTok to document everything that's happened since her mom first laid eyes on her teacher.

"My mom started crushing on my professor during quarantine," Aly explained in a video, seconds before her mom exclaimed, "What!? Oh my god, that guy is a babe!" Laura also joked about getting her daughter "an A in that class."


sorry this was nothing but a virtual blind date prof but you really are my favorite... ##fyp##professor##boulder##wingman

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Aly then took it upon herself to schedule virtual office hours with the professor, so that her mom could "accidentally" walk in the room as she was chatting with him. They captured the entire moment on camera, and we gotta admit, it's quite hilarious!

As Aly was talking to her professor about what quarantine life has been like (making sure to note that her parents were divorced), her mom stepped into the room and asked if she wanted lunch. 

"Oh, sorry, I'm on a Zoom call. Oh, hey, do you want to meet my favorite professor?" Aly replied, as Laura came over and got in the frame.