Chrissy Teigen Defends Getting a Coronavirus Test After Posting Video

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Chrissy Teigen is once again defending herself against Twitter trolls after getting a coronavirus test. The TV personality shared a video of herself getting the swab test, and quickly became a target of criticism for posting it.

On Tuesday afternoon, Teigen posted the short clip that showed a doctor inserting the lengthy cotton swab deep into her nasal passage, laughing all the while. Even the doctor was surprised at Teigen's seemingly ticklish response.

"Honestly loved it," Teigen captioned the short video.

It didn't take long for some online to start weighing in on the post, with one critic accusing Teigen of spreading fear about the test by showing what it looks like.

"You realized like 50k people are no longer gonna get tested now?" one Twitter user asked.

"I just said it was easy and laughed the entire time. What are you talking about?" Teigen shot back. "It couldn’t have been easier."