Tamar Braxton on Landing a Dream Job, Her Dream Man and Finding Herself After Divorce (Exclusive)

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Tamar Braxton got her life. Now, she's got her dream job.

The "Crazy Kind of Love" singer is back on TV with VH1's To Catch a Beautician, a new beauty series in which she and celebrity hairstylist Johnny Wright help everyday people who have been wronged by their stylists by giving those stylists a second chance to make it right.

"[This is the] project that I'm most proud of," Tamar gushes to ET on video chat. "The show just morphed into my favorite thing to do: talk about hair, talk about people’s problems and try to help them fix it."

Tamar, who serves as host and de facto therapist on the series, says she's had her own fair share of hair catastrophes over the years thanks to her years experimenting with her look. About two years ago, she made her most drastic hair change ever, shaving it all off.

"I really liked that kind of independence, you know what I mean? This is all me, accept me," she recalls. "I kind of want to go back to it."

Tamar's big chop came at a pivotal moment in her life, just after filing for divorce from her husband of nearly a decade, Vincent Herbert, in 2017. In the three years since, Tamar says she's really discovered who she is, as a woman, mother and artist.

"I'm one of those women, just like all of the women in America that I run into," she shares, "we never give up. We do whatever it takes, especially when you're thrown into a position where you're a single mom. It's like, everything is hard, but nothing is too hard. We figure it out and so, I'm just really happy to be a part of that women empowerment and that crew -- not even just women anymore, it's men, too, that's thrown in that position -- and it just goes to show you how resilient we all are, and when we have to figure it all out, we figure it out."

Tamar admits it was hard at first, especially figuring out her new dynamic with Vince, as they navigated co-parenting their son, Logan, who turns seven in June. It took the couple, who were together for seven years before they married, nearly two years to finalize their divorce.