'RHOA's Kandi Burruss Fires Back at NeNe Leakes' 'No. 2' Diss as She Celebrates 'Masked Singer' Win

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Kandi Burruss might be "number two" in NeNe Leakes' eyes, and that's OK by her.

"Let me tell you this -- and this is just being a little petty -- being number two has never looked so good, honey," Kandi tells ET on video chat, with a laugh. "The number two is the new number one, boo!"

"You want $1 million or you want two?" she asks. "You want one show or two shows? You want number one on The Masked Singer. Well, I don’t know…"

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is fresh off her big win on season 3 of Fox's celebrity singing competition -- the first woman to land the top spot on the show -- and eagerly anticipating how fans will react to part three of the RHOA season 12 reunion, airing Sunday on Bravo.

"I honestly did not think that it was gonna be as good as it is," she says of the reunion, all shot remotely from the cast's homes on video chat. "I was just like, how are we just gonna sit up here and argue with people on a computer? Like, that didn't make sense to me, and then I felt like a lot of people would not really face up to whatever they needed to, because they're not right there in your faces, which I was right about one thing. People could just walk away from the computer when they got, you know, under fire."

It's more person than people. NeNe Leakes exited the chat for the second time at the end of part two, after she and Kandi went head to head in an attempt to hash out their issues, which really seemed to spark after the season wrapped. The women got into a bit of a social media back and forth after NeNe seemingly shaded Kandi’s many spinoff shows on her YouTube channel. NeNe has claimed she wasn’t actually talking about Kandi, but Kandi is the only one of her RHOA co-stars with more than one series on the network. According to Kandi, they took their drama offline before the reunion.

"To be honest with you, she and I had an argument over text messages that was, like, ridiculous," Kandi says. "We were cussing each other out, reading each other on the text messages -- just me and her, nobody else was involved in this -- just she and I, and I had just stopped responding to her at a certain point, because I realized that this lady is really just gonna keep going back and forth with me on this text message, and we over here really being childish right now."

It was after this exchange that NeNe started publicly referring to Kandi as "number two," implying that NeNe herself is "number one," at least when it comes to the show.