André Leon Talley on New Memoir and What 'The Devil Wears Prada' Got Wrong About Anna Wintour (Exclusive)

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André Leon Talley is baring it all and holding nothing back.

The fashion journalist shares his journey from humble beginnings to style icon in his memoir, The Chiffon Trenches (out now). ET's Keltie Knight chatted with Talley via video chat, where he not only detailed why he decided to share his deepest, darkest secrets and victories, but how it was working with Anna Wintour -- and what The Devil Wears Prada got wrong about his former Vogue boss.

Ever since the 2003 Lauren Weisberger book and its subsequent 2006 film were released, many believe that the story and character Miranda Priestly are based on Wintour and her Vogue staff. And according to Talley, there are some similarities but also some differences.

"[One] thing the movie got wrong is Anna would never throw her coat down when she came to the office," the 70-year-old journalist shared. "Anna Wintour has never thrown a bag or coat down -- or I haven't seen it. She would not throw her coat down. She would hang it up quietly. She might hand it gently to an assistant to put in a closet, but she was not slashing her coat around like some bad, baby orca."

Another thing that he never witnessed while working at the fashion magazine were women running down the Condé Nast halls in stilettos."I had never seen one editor run, dash to Anna in [their] office. You could be walking fast, but you did not run in your stilettos."

What the film, starring Anne Hathaway, did get right, he noted, was, "She would ask assistants to go get things, like the Harry Potter book for her children."

"Make sure you get that book because she's going to have it to take on the weekends. That was right," Talley revealed. "A lot of the things though, the nuances were right. Meryl Streep did a great job. Anna, I think, was even amused and entertained by Meryl Streep."

Wintour also has a love for dry cleaning. "Oh the dry cleaning came like every morning," Talley noted. "It has been documented, every night after she had been out she would stop by her dry cleaners on the way to work. This happens every morning. The clothes are brought in a car with her to the office in a tote bag from L.L. Bean and sent to the dry cleaners. Dry cleaning is paramount to her existence, nothing gets soiled."