Why Jeannie Mai and Jeezy Aren’t Wedding Planning Following Their Engagement (Exclusive)

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Jeannie Mai and Jeezy may have shared the sweetest quarantine proposal, but that doesn't mean the couple is eager to rush down the aisle anytime soon. ET's Katie Krause spoke with The Real co-host about the romantic proposal and her wedding plans via video chat this week. 

"I think the main thing that really touched me was the intention," she tells ET of her man's proposal. 

In lieu of a group trip to Vietnam, which was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, Jeezy, whose real name is Jay Jenkins, brought Vietnam to Mai with a date night, complete with video messages from their friends and family who were supposed to be on the trip. 

"I'm really learning during this quarantine that it's the very little things that matter most," Mai says. "He could have had such a beautiful experience of doing it in Vietnam, but just doing it here. That's the symbolism to quarantine, I think, for all of us and especially for our marriage, but just for everybody is just that nothing should stop you living your life. Nothing. When it comes to your goals, your dreams, your relationships, your closure in things, your bonding with yourself, all of that should persevere."

Admitting she's "not even in that mode" when it comes to wedding planning just yet, Mai notes that her one wedding "must have" is "peace of mind." And though she's thrilled with the engagement, Mai says that she's not ready to start planning the wedding. 

"Honestly, right now that's not at the top of our lists," she says. "We're so happy we're able to celebrate an engagement right now. I feel like we got work to do, so when it comes to our individual work and our individual projects and the messaging we want to send to people, even the way that we use our Instagram, it's really important right now to spread an energy of positivity and uniting one another than it is to be planning a wedding."

Mai says that quarantine has been improving her relationship with her new fiance.