Chrissy Teigen Reacts to Alison Roman's Temporary Leave From 'New York Times'

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Chrissy Teigen is sharing her thoughts on Alison Roman's New York Times column being put on hiatus following their brief feud.

The Cravings author responded to several comments on social media this week, regarding Roman's temporary leave from the newspaper and where things stand between her and the food critic today.

"Has the beef been squashed?" one fan asked on Twitter, to which Teigen replied, "I hope we can laugh about it one day but I'm not happy with the NYT leave so she def can't laugh about it yet. It just sucks in every way."

"I very publicly forgave Alison and that was real. When I said I don't believe in being cancelled for your honest opinion, that was very real," she added in response to a separate tweet. "I don't agree with what the NYT has done, I am not them. I didn't call them, I didn't write, and most of all, I'd like her back."

Teigen also responded to a tweet from Bari Weiss, a staff editor and writer for the NYT. "You used to have to do something real to get cancelled," Weiss wrote. "Apparently now you just have to criticize a celebrity!"

"I don’t like this one bit," Teigen tweeted back. "I’m doing what I can (off Twitter) to make that known."