'Bachelor' Alum Amanda Stanton Defends Driving to Arizona to Get Her Hair Done

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Amanda Stanton is defending her choice to cross state lines to get her hair done amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to multiple outlets, the 30-year-old Bachelor alum posted to her Instagram Stories on Monday, revealing that she "drove very, very far" to Arizona to get her hair done.

She shared a picture of her finalized cut on Instagram and also posted a pic with her daughter, Kinsley, who was along for the trip.

"Never been so early to a hair appointment in my life," she captioned the shot.

After she received backlash for leaving California in the midst of a pandemic, Stanton posted a lengthy statement to her Instagram Story explaining her reasoning.

"I've been very strict with staying home since 3/14. I haven't even gone to the grocery store. I hadn't had my hair done since January and my hairstylist who I've been going to for years JUST opened her salon," she wrote, according to multiple outlets. "I thought I'd rather when she JUST opened than later when more people had been there. There were only a few people in the salon today and I knew every single person in there very well and trusted them. Not a single person in there was a stranger or even close."

"We were also very [safe]. We got tested TESTED before we left and were negative. We got gas in Orange County and drove and didn't stop anywhere," she continued. "We’re heading home and going to quarantine again before we see family or anyone."

While she acknowledged that "some might think this is going to great lengths to get my hair done," Stanton said she was "willing" to self-isolate after her trip.