7-Year-Old Girl Loses Tooth in Quarantine, Asks Mom to Make a Mask for Tooth Fairy

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Evolette Westhouse, a 7-year-old girl in Holland, Michigan, is making sure all her loved ones stay safe amid the coronavirus pandemic... including the Tooth Fairy!

A recent Facebook post shared by her mother, Kayla Westhouse, reveals that when Evolette lost a tooth earlier this month, she insisted they make a mask for the fairy. That way, she could enter their home to take the tooth, and no one would have to worry about germs.

Kayla said that when she tried to explain to her daughter that the Tooth Fairy "can't get coronavirus," Evolette replied, "How do you know? Let's be safe! If she doesn't need it she will just leave it behind and let us know in a note."

This pandemic season has been filled with moments of "whep, never thought I would be doing this..." Newly added to the...

Posted by Kayla Westhouse on Friday, May 8, 2020

Evolette also made plenty of fair points. According to her mom, she brought up the fact that the Tooth Fairy has to enter her six-foot bubble "to get the tooth from under my pillow," a tooth that was in her mouth, "where all the germs are." 

She also asked, "What if she comes to my house, and then goes to another kid's house? Then that kid has my germs, too." 

Evolette clearly won the debate, and her mom found herself at the sewing machine, making her "178th mask... for a fairy."

"And now you can tell all the children that the tooth fairy is safe!" she joked.