Newlyweds' Videos Go Viral After Their Honeymoon Gets Extended Due to Coronavirus Pandemic


Newlyweds Michelle and John Senyard had no idea that the coronavirus pandemic would affect their future plans so soon.

After the two tied the knot in San Francisco, California, on March 6, they traveled to Thailand and Sri Lanka for what they thought would be just a few weeks of vacationing. But days after arriving to Sri Lanka, the country started going into lockdown (complete with road restrictions and curfew), and they've been stuck there ever since. 

Though they never anticipated an extended honeymoon quite like this, Michelle and John have been making the best of the situation, and documenting their experience via social media. Their travel pics and videos have since gone viral, particularly a 10-second TikTok clip of John swinging from a tree that has surpassed over 4.7 million views.

"When your flight has been cancelled three times now and your honeymoon turns into living in Sri Lanka for 2 months," they captioned it.


Yup-2 weeks turned into 2 months. We’ve been married in Sri Lanka longer than we’ve been married in America 😂 🏝##covid19##coronavirus##srilanka##fyp

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In another video, Melissa and John explained that their vacation "is over now," but they've been working remotely. They also only brought two carry-on bags, but are doing their best to "make it work."

"No, we haven't been living in a resort. We've been hopping around surf hostels," they further explained. "Sri Lanka is an amazing country. And we stay goofy because... it hasn't always been easy, but we have each other. Even though we drive each other crazy sometimes!"


Well...this is our ##COVID19 Sri Lanka story in under 60 seconds. We’re now waiting for flight home ##4 🙃 ##fyp##srilanka##coronavirus

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See more highlights from Michelle and John's "self-isolation dates" below:


When you’re working remotely but your wife is a professional extroverted troll👹: PART 1 ##fyp##bored##boredinthehouse

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Social dist-dancing ##fyp##selfquarantine##wowyoucanreallydance##srilanka

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I'm a savage, classy, bougie, ratchet ##shelterinplace##dance##dancing##fyp

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Hello! John& I have chosen to stay off IG since the start of our 🍯🌙, but w/ COVID-19 escalating we are getting lots of concerned messages on how we are doing so I want to share updates. We are currently in Sri Lanka, which just instituted a 3day curfew (the entire country+tourists are required by the government to stay inside).Things are changing very rapidly for everyone around the world. John& I are so thankful to say that we are together, healthy& safe. Yesterday, we also woke up to the Global 4 Advisory&that our flights back to SF were cancelled. A few hours later, Sri Lanka released the announcement about country-wide road restrictions& curfew. Our plan was to drive to Ella but that was immediately cancelled as well. We had to pack our things, stock up on food/water& find a new place in just a few hours. Needless to say I was very anxious& for the first time, scared. But, I feel dramatic even writing this because God has been so GOOD through our unconventional honeymoon.Yes, our original plans are gone but we have only been met with the utmost care by Sri Lankans. Understandably, there is rising unease around the presence of us tourists, but it has not shaken the true core of Sri Lankan hospitality. We also have a local driver, Sampath, who has been our unofficial body guard. He’s special forces trained& made it his personal mission to keep us safe. He’s helped us w/ every necessity while still encouraging us to enjoy vacation as he works behind the scenes to keep us out of danger. Now about my husband😭♥️ As expected, John has already been crushing this whole husband-protector-in-a-global-crisis thing. In the midst of this chaotic time he makes me hot coffee every morning& never tires of bear hugging me in sweltering heat to remind me that I am protected. I have felt anxious, but there has never been a single moment where I haven't felt safe. & Finally, yes. We are still having F-U-N. Surfing, waking up bleary-eyed to watch sunrises, chasing sunsets, and reading together by the water. We stay silly& belly-laugh constantly. I am not one for platitudes, but we truly do not know what tomorrow will look like and it makes each day genuinely feel like a gift.

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