Denise Richards Predicted to 'Have the Most to Reveal' on 'RHOBH' (Exclusive)

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What's your sign?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gets into astrology on Wednesday's all-new episode, and ET has your exclusive first look. The ladies are gathered at Erika Jayne's Pasadena home for an intimate reading from astrologer Shawn Breathwaite.

"Erika's sun sign is cancer," Shawn says. "Cancers are all known to be very emotional. The thing is, with Erika, her moon is Aquarius, which is very logical, so the best way to deal in a situation with Erika is to stick to the facts. If you try to tell someone with Aquarius moon what they're gonna do, she will defy that every time."

He then moves down the table to Kyle Richards, a "Capricorn with Libra moon and Leo rising."

"So, you're all about consistency, practicality, direct honesty," he states. "What will really get you the most worked up, though, is when someone is being treated unfairly."

"That's exactly how I am," Kyle says in agreement before Dorit Kemsley scoffs back with, "He was spot on until he said you were fair."

After Kyle, it's Denise Richards, whom Shawn says has "a very intensely complicated chart," something she admits to having heard before.

"Aquarians are very friendly, they're open and then, because of the Scorpion moon, you're also very loving," he offers. "But the thing is, there is a side of you that is gonna be hidden. So, of anyone, the one that will have the most to reveal will be you."