'Survivor: Winners at War': The Most Emotional Moments From the Season Finale

Amber Mariano was right -- Wednesday's season finale of Survivor: Winners at War was an emotional roller coaster. 

The three-hour episode saw most of the cast's dreams of winning the season -- and taking home the $2 million prize -- dashed. After all, there can only be one two-time winner. (Well, two of them, as this season's champion joins Sandra Diaz-Twine.) Tears were shed, breakdowns were had, and we felt it all through our TV screens. 

Players' connections outside of the game were a source of paranoia and contention early on this season. By the time the finale rolled around, however, new allies had been made, and the castaways seemed to feel for each other on another level. 

Mental and physical exhaustion, powerful sacrifices and more led to one of the most profound episodes of Survivor we've ever seen -- and one of host Jeff Probst's favorites. Here are the most emotional moments from Wednesday's season finale. 

Survivor 40 Natalie


The episode kicked off with an intense competition among those at the Edge of Extinction to get back in the game. Natalie was the favorite to win as she earned three advantages in the contest, but her reaction to finishing first was truly unexpected. 

"After 33 days, being the first person voted out, she is now part of the final six," Jeff announced. "What a story!"