Chris and Andrew Cuomo Share 'I Love You's in Sweet Brotherly Moment on 'Cuomo Prime Time'

Despite their bickering and apparent sibling rivalry, it's clear Chris Cuomo and his older brother Andrew Cuomo genuinely care for one another, even if they only show it begrudgingly.

Fans got to see a sweet moment between the CNN newsman and the governor of New York on Wednesday' Cuomo Prime Time, even though it came after another one of their traditionally contentious interviews.

The pair spent nearly the first half of the episode discussing recent political developments regarding New York's plan to start to reopen parts of the state, as well as the ongoing debate in about whether Americans care more about facts or feelings.

Chris grilled his brother and, at times, appeared to try to get a rise out of him by questioning his motivations and decisions. However, the pair also appeared to agree when it came to the uncertainty of the coronavirus, and the increasing evidence that it impacts children and young adults much more frequently and severely than previously believed.

Toward the end of the chat, Andrew joked about recent comments he made at a press conference where he made thinly veiled remarks about his brother, and how he "has problems with family members."

"But that was a personal opinion," Andrew said, explaining that he mostly focuses on hard facts during his press conferences.

"No, that's a fact. You do have problems with people in your family. That is a fact," Chris shot back. "They certainly have problems with you, I can tell you that."

"Only you," Andrew said. "Only you."