'RHOC’ Star Kara Keough Bosworth Talks Regret and ‘Waves of Grief’ After Losing Her Newborn Son

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Kara Keough Bosworth is opening up about her precious few days with her newborn son, McCoy Casey Bosworth.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star and her husband, Kyle Bosworth, welcomed the baby boy on April 6; however, he died April 12 after experiencing shoulder dystocia (where one or both of a baby’s shoulders get stuck inside the mother's pelvis during delivery) and a compressed umbilical cord, which led to brain damage.

Speaking to Good Morning America on Monday, Bosworth shared how the couple made the most of their short-lived time with McCoy -- singing to him, talking to him about things he had done inside the womb and introducing him to his big sister, 4-year-old Decker.

"She got to sing to him and play 'This Little Piggy' on his fingers,” Bosworth shared. “She was very happy to tell the nurses his 'full big name,' as she called it."

"We got some milestones we didn't think we'd get," she added. "We got to change his diaper. I got to get peed on, which is a boy-mom thing I didn't think I'd ever get. We got to hold him, we got to feel warmth in his body."

Five weeks on, Bosworth admitted that she’s haunted by the thought that if she had obtained a further ultrasound prior to giving birth, she and her birthing team might not have been taken by surprise at McCoy’s size.

“How do you hide an 11-pound baby? I will sit here and regret not getting [another ultrasound] for the rest of my life, because I'll think, 'Maybe we would've known. Maybe they would've seen that he had 7½-inch shoulders,’” she said. “But that's just going to be [in] my head."

Bosworth gave birth to McCoy, who weighed 11 pounds 4 ounces, at home in Jacksonville, Florida, after deciding it was safer than heading to a hospital amid the coronavirus pandemic.