Patrick J. Adams' 'The Right Stuff' Moves to Disney Plus: Watch the Behind-the-Scenes Trailer

Patrick J. Adams’ return to TV is now set for Disney+. His new series The Right Stuff, which revisits the early days of the space race, is moving from the National Geographic channel to the streaming platform and is now slated for a fall debut.

Executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and adapted from Tom Wolfe’s bestselling nonfiction account of the United States’ burgeoning space program, The Right Stuff follows the lives of ambitious, young astronauts, who became instant celebrities as they risked their lives to be among the first to leave the planet. At the center of the story are Major John Glenn (portrayed by Adams) and Lieutenant Commander Alan Shepard (Jake McDorman). 

These two men were among those dubbed the Mercury Seven, which also included Lieutenant Gordon Cooper (Colin O’Donoghue), Wally Schirra (Aaron Staton), Scott Carpenter (James Lafferty), Deke Slayton (Micah Stock) and Guss Grissom (Michael Trotter). 

While the 1959 space race with the Soviet Union propels the story, showrunner Mark Lafferty says that “the show is as much about who we are today as it is about our historic achievements. At a time when the world is confronted with significant challenges, this story reminds us that what seems impossible today can become the triumph of tomorrow.”

When it comes to making his return to TV after seven seasons of Suits, Adams tells ET that The Right Stuff checked every box. “First of all, the script was phenomenal,” he says of Lafferty’s writing, adding that “the idea of playing John Glenn was a dream come true.” 

Adams added that he’s heard great things about the show, and based on the behind the scenes trailer Disney+ released, it sounds like he’s right. The new footage offers a closer look at Adams as Glenn and the rest of the cast as well as how the series recreated the life and mentality of early 1960s America. 


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