'The Flash': Grant Gustin Explains How Coronavirus Changed the Season 6 Finale and What's Next (Exclusive)

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The Flash finale is speeding onto our screens a little faster than usual this year.

The CW series was one of many Hollywood productions that shut down in a proactive measure against the spread of coronavirus. Now The Flash has only two more episodes left in its sixth season, and although it's not exactly what the writers and stars had planned for, fans can still expect a supercharged finale.

ET recently caught up with the "fastest man alive," Grant Gustin, over a video-chat to get the inside scoop on how COVID-19 is changing things up for The Flash's final two episodes and what this means for Team Flash (and WestAllen of course!) in season seven.

Plus, the 30-year-old actor dishes on his "wish-list" for future episodes of The Flash, his dream super-suit addition, and how he really feels about Barry's musical moments on the show.

Due to coronavirus-related shutdowns, The Flash’s sixth season is ending on episode 19 this year -- a couple episodes shy of what you originally planned on completing. How are you feeling about that and where this season is going to leave off?

Grant Gustin: I mean, obviously, it's a little disappointing. The writers were working really hard towards what they had planned for 622 and it's still a good cliffhanger. I mean, thankfully our episodes generally have built-in cliffhangers -- especially as we get closer to the end of the year. I mean, I know some fans will still be disappointed, but it serves as a good cliffhanger. Everyone has a right to be a little disappointed right now, but the whole world is kind of being flipped on its head. So I think we can all accept this is the reality and sadly we just didn't get to do as many episodes as we wanted to do.

Do you think you're going to finish your last three episodes in the start of next season or do you think that the writers are going to have you start out with a clean slate?

No, I would have to imagine that with the way things are going to be left off, we're gonna still need a lot of these pieces to finish what we were doing. So I think what would have served as episodes 620, 21 and 22, maybe they won’t do those storylines in their entirety in season seven. But I would imagine we're gonna finish or we're gonna do kind of condensed versions of those three episodes before we continue on to what they had planned for season 7 -- and that's me speculating. I haven't necessarily had that conversation with the writers.