'Flipping Out' Star Jeff Lewis and Scott Anderson Are Done After 'Suffocating' Weeks of Negativity

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After splitting with boyfriend Scott Anderson over the weekend, Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis has candidly discussed how weeks of negativity between the two and frequent “hyper-criticism” left him feeling suffocated.

The breakup, which was Anderson’s idea, came after one year of dating.

“I have some bad news. Scott Anderson and I, we called it quits over the weekend,” Lewis said, before a shocked colleague exclaimed, “What! Shut up.”

“The last eight weeks have been rough,” he continued, discussing the split on Jeff Lewis Live, which airs on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy. “He's had a lot of anxiety, a lot of frustration, and it got to a point where I felt that he was hyper-critical of me and it was a lot of negativity and there was just always complaining."

The doting dad added that although Anderson sometimes bugged “the sh** out of me,” the positive aspects of the relationship always outweighed the challenging side. However, “weeks of negativity” had become difficult to deal with.

"It just started wearing on me,” he explained. “And, then he just stopped communicating, so then I could feel him next to me -- angry, pouting, seething, resenting me. I just felt like maybe he might need some distance to gain some perspective. So, we had a conversation and it’s interesting because he was like, 'I think we should break up.'"

"There was just a real lack of communication with us,” Lewis also said. “We speak two different languages. For me, I need more affirmation and acknowledgement and those kinds of things once in a while. The beating me up and the hyper-criticism, it just became suffocating to me."

After Anderson raised the idea of breaking up, he then suggested the two see a therapist. Lewis said his biggest regret is that he said, “I really am done working on this,” instead of giving counseling a chance.