'KUWTK': Tristan Thompson Thanks Khloe for 'Trusting' Him Amid Co-Parenting Challenges

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Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have finally found a place of mutual understanding in regards to the difficult balancing act of co-parenting.

Thursday's new Keeping Up With the Kardashians took viewers on an emotional journey as the friendly exes -- who share 2-year-old daughter True -- managed to successfully navigate the troubled waters of living far apart while both wanting to spend time with their little girl.

However, it wasn't an easy journey for either of them.

Khloe first opens up to mom Kris Jenner about how hard things are going to be now that her NBA star ex is returning to Cleveland, Ohio, for a new season with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This is the first season he's played since their split, and it makes the logistics of co-parenting that much trickier.

"He really misses True and he doesn't know when he's going to see her next and I really have not put much thought into how True is going to visit Tristan in Cleveland," Khloe shares in a solo interview. "I've just kind of been avoiding having this conversation." 

Khloe tells Kris that the concern isn't about Tristan's parenting abilities, praising him for being "really consistent and present," but the basics of how True is going to get to Cleveland to be with him, and whether or not he'll be prepared for her visits are all things that are worrying Khloe to her core.

"I'm sure he won't make me do anything I don't feel comfortable doing, but then is that even fair for True to not see her dad because that's going to be a long however many months," Khloe says. "It just gives me anxiety to think I'd have to send her anywhere. She's just a baby."

Later, Khloe chats with sister Kim Kardashian West, who says she feels this NBA season "will be really good for you guys in figuring out what that balance is."