'90 Day Fiance' Star Juliana Is 'Scared' Over Michael's Ex-Wife Sarah's Breast Cancer Battle (Exclusive)

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90 Day Fiance season 7 couple Juliana and Michael are here for his ex-wife, Sarah, as she battles breast cancer.

ET spoke with the pair on Wednesday via video chat, and they gave an update on Sarah's health after she revealed on social media last month that she's been diagnosed with breast cancer. Michael says that Sarah actually got diagnosed in early February and underwent surgery, though it was still unknown at the time what the extent of her cancer was. After she underwent more testing, she found out the cancer was becoming more invasive, so she underwent a second surgery three weeks ago.

"Thankfully, the prognosis is very positive," Michael says. "We're hoping no chemotherapy but with radiation therapy, she should be OK. And with the craziness of what's going on, she's maintaining good perspective. She's doing OK."

With Sarah's health issues and her and Michael's young kids, Max and CeCe, now at home all day thanks to their schools being shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, Sarah and her new husband, Sean, are actually quarantining with Juliana and Michael at his home. Juliana has no issue with the unconventional situation and talked about supporting Sarah during a difficult time.

"I'm scared but I try to not show that to her and say, 'Everything is gonna be OK and this is nothing,'" Juliana says. "I'm the kind of person that's not like, 'Oh my god, I feel sorry for you,' you know? I like to give more strength."

"You're very honest about it," Michael adds, referring to Juliana. "You don't just say something for the sake of false comfort."

Juliana agrees with her husband about her approach.

"Yeah, it's not about comfort, it's about, 'Wake up. You're gonna get through it, you know?'" she explains.