Why Shanna Moakler Decided to Speak Out About Her Major Body Transformation (Exclusive)

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Shanna Moakler is showing off a major transformation!

The 45-year-old former Playmate opened up to ET's Deidre Behar about why now was the perfect time to share before-and-after pics of her weight loss over the last year and open up about her journey.

"I am in a place where I feel like I am close to my goals," Moakler exclusively told ET. "I also am at a place where I am not only feeling the difference, I can actually see it too!"

Wearing a stomach-exposing, red T-shirt and black leggings in both pics posted on Instagram this week, Moakler's after photo showed off her flatter tummy and slimmer legs. The mom of three -- Atiana, 21, Landon, 16, and Alabama, 14 -- explained that having a doctor that gave her unneeded hormones and being in a toxic relationship made her gain 40 pounds and begin unhealthy eating habits. Moakler revealed that at her highest, she weighed almost 170 pounds.

"When I was put on the hormone testosterone, it made me gain 40 pounds. I was almost 170, which is very heavy for me. I was always 125 my whole life," she shared. "Today I am 135! I do not expect to be what I once weighed in my '20s or even '30s for that matter, but I would like to feel healthy and strong for my age."

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Ok ignore how absolutely awful I look in these photos 😂 but I wanted to post my progress over a year, now I know people are gonna say you look fine on the photo on the left ( and that’s sweet) I hid my weight pretty well but I wasn’t fine, I was super unhappy, miserable and I was working out like an animal with no results for a couple reasons...1) I had a doctor lie to me and give me hormones I didn’t need which made me gain 40lbs ( this is common as the more they sell the more bonuses they get, like trips to Hawaii!) 2) even though I was working out I ate like shit because I was in a completely unhealthy relationship...I first had my mommy make over with @drleifrogers this was to fix my muscles which was probably the best thing I ever did in my life!! I am so grateful for him and his staff! And if you have had c sections or recti diastassis from babies look into it! My YouTube video on my journey is on my link tree in bio! 3)! I started working with @davidallennutrition who finally got the hormones out of my system and got me eating properly, he custom makes plans to your bloodwork!! It’s epic! I stopped eating for emotional pleasure and started eating to fuel my body. I also started using @bombshell_news workouts and conquered my fear of weights... and finally got out of a relationship that didn’t empower me. There was no easy fix, there was no overnight plan... but i had an awesome team and I now just work out daily, I still eat healthy but allow myself some good stuff and I’ve learned soooo much from the whole experience the last two years! I hear from moms and newly divorced women everyday who are in the thick of things and I wanted to show if I can do it, I know you can too! ❤️👊🏼⚓️💪🏼

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"I remember filming my TV show, Growing Up Supermodel, and just being uncomfortable," she said of her breaking point. "And then when I saw myself on TV, not even recognizing myself, it was really hard to see. Then in June I separated with my boyfriend of five years. I was super unhealthy, eating terribly and I decided that this was it. I was going to put all the energy and love and time back into myself and make myself feel good again."

Moakler shared that her previous diet consisted of fast food, take out and processed food, "things that I could just grab on the go."