'Survivor: Winners at War': Jeremy, Sarah and Kim All Make Major Moves After Jeff Probst's 'Historic' Reveal

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Jeff Probst made a "historic" announcement on Wednesday night's episode of Survivor: Winners at War -- and it may have inspired the castaways to make major moves of their own. 

This week's episode ushered in the waterworks, as Jeff reunited the cast with their families. Tony, Jeremy, Kim, and Tyson all broke down at the sight of their kids, and as a special reward, Jeff revealed that for the first time ever, there would be no Loved One Challenge. "Everyone goes back to camp!" he announced, as happy tears streamed down their faces. No one would have to compete to spend precious time with their families -- not even those on the Edge of Extinction. 

Spotting a boat in the distance, Boston Rob braced himself for bad news. "I hope it's something good and not something bad," he said as Ethan approached to investigate. 

"It's something bad," Ethan insisted. "It's the Edge of Extinction." 

Survivor 40 Family

However, Natalie soon got a sight of her family and signaled to the rest of the group that it was something good-- very good. While they didn't enjoy a hearty feast with their loved ones like the players still in the game did, the Edge of Extinction crew couldn't have been happier. (They sweetly gave Jeff a big bear hug after tribal council to show their appreciation.) 

With renewed hope, the castaways got ready for their Immunity Challenge, where Tony came out on top. "I am so happy. This is more powerful than any hidden immunity idol, and when you have the power, people come to you," he raved. And people did come to him. Tony's Cops R Us alliance member, Sarah, tried to convince him they should vote out Kim, but he had his sights set on Jeremy. 

Unfortunately for Tony (but fortunately for us -- because WHAT AN EPISODE), Jeremy had an advantage, and used it at tribal council. Sarah also used her advantage, and Kim used her immunity idol. Here's how it went down.