Jimmy Kimmel Shares His Kids’ Favorite ‘Pasta Tina’ Recipe and It’s Super Simple

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With families across the country looking for quick fixes to please their kids during quarantine, Jimmy Kimmel has a solution to dinner time that keeps his two youngest kids, Jane, 5, and Billy, 2, happy.

Calling the concoction "Pasta Tina," the 52-year-old late-night host shared his recipe and the step-by-step instructions for his popular dish that's "one of the few things my kids eat" on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live

Sharing the origins of the dish, Kimmel showed the smaller pasta he used originally. "Something called pastina. This is something Italian families will serve their babies. It's kind of a starter pasta, and this is what it started with -- my daughter, Jane, called it 'Pasta Tina,' which was cute," he explained. 

The pasta dish's sauce is made of cannellini beans because Kimmel noted he "wanted to make this healthy." 

He blended the canned beans, noting, "Now that I've blended these, the children won't know they're eating beans, which is good."

"You're saying 'beans,' so I know that there's beans," Jane shouted from the other room. 

"You know there's beans in the pasta now? Well, guess what, you love them," Kimmel replied. "So, now do you think you love beans?"

The dish is comprised of just cannellini beans, garlic cloves, olive oil, chicken base, pasta and Parmesan cheese. Kimmel made the entire dish in less than eight minutes.