Watch Amy Schumer’s Son Gene and Andy Cohen’s Son Ben Say 'Hi' to Each Other in Quarantine

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Andy Cohen and Amy Schumer's sons are missing each other! During Tuesday's episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, the 51-year-old host and the 38-year-old comedian talked about how their children, 1-year-old Ben and 11-month-old Gene, are actually pals in real life. 

"Amy, I count your son, Gene, as one of Ben's only friends his own age," Cohen noted during the interview. "And sadly, your playdates have been halted since the quarantine."

To help keep the friends in contact, Cohen and Schumer brought their sons on camera to wave at one another. 

"He misses Ben so much," Schumer insisted of Gene. "I really miss seeing him." 

"Ben misses Gene," Cohen agreed. 

"Yes, they're little friends!" Schumer added. 

As the pair waved, Cohen said to his son, "Say, 'I'll see you after the quarantine!'"