'Bachelorette' Premiere Postponed: Chris Harrison's Update on All Franchise Shows Amid COVID-19 (Exclusive)

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The season premiere of The Bachelorette has officially been postponed. The ABC dating show's newest season was supposed to debut on Monday, May 18 -- however fans have noticed that slot has now been taken for the finale of another Bachelor spinoff, Listen to Your Heart. (The music-driven show premieres on April 13, and was originally supposed to conclude the week before The Bachelorette.) 

It's no surprise that The Bachelorette's premiere date would be postponed, as coronavirus concerns forced production to be halted last month, just hours before Clare Crawley was supposed to meet her men for the first time at the Bachelor mansion. But now it's official. 

In an interview with ET's Lauren Zima, Chris Harrison provided an update on plans for The Bachelorette, as well as where every other Bachelor franchise show stands amid the continued coronavirus pandemic. 


The Bachelorette is the franchise's No. 1 priority over all other shows, Harrison said. 

"It's crushing us right now. We know that this too shall pass and there are bigger problems and bigger fish to fry, but we really wish we were making an incredible show with Clare," he shared. "I mean, we would be over halfway done [with filming by this point], and Clare might be narrowing down finding the love of her life. How exciting -- and I hate that that is stolen from her at this particular time."

Crawley and her contestants were released by production soon after filming shut down on March 13. Originally, the plan was to reconvene two weeks later, but with the current status of the pandemic, there is now no set date to start back up again. 

"Maybe we do it all this summer, but if things don't go as planned with this virus and with this quarantine, maybe we won't have time to do it all," Harrison noted. "So we have to think, 'OK what is our priority?' It's trying to create any content in the interim, and then let's get The Bachelorette."