Q&A: Parents can now access STAAR scores, other resources online

By Megan Kennedy - Digital News Editor

HOUSTON - Parents now have access to their child's state-issued STAAR exam results, as well as other resources to help them stay up to speed during the summer months, the agency announced Wednesday.

A unique code for parents is to be distributed by their child's school, giving them access. The Texas Education Agency said parents will be able to see how their child answered questions on the test and how parents can provide additional support at home. 

To read the PDF from the TEA, click here

Texas Education Agency

The Texas Education Agency announced Wednesday that parents will have access to the STARR test results for their child. The agency said parents will be given a unique code for access.

Q: How do I read my child's report card?

A: The Texas Assessment site offers parents a step-by-step guide on how to read your child's report card.

Q: Why does my child have to take the test?

A: The STARR test is designed to determine if your child is ready for the next grade. It is designed for students grades 3-8 and are offered both online and on paper. To learn more about the STAAR test and what it means for your child, click here

Q: What can I do to help prepare my child for the STAAR test?

A: The TEA provides parents with a checklist to follow, geared at helping their children's success. To access the checklist, click here. The agency also released test forms and answer keys for students to study from with their parents. To access the list, click here.

Q: Are there Spanish versions of the test forms and answer keys?

A: Yes, to access those, go to the test forms and answer keys page and scroll down to the STAAR Spanish section. There, you will see the forms in Spanish. 

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