Do's and don'ts while driving in a school zone

By Jake Reiner - Reporter

It is against the law in Texas to use your cellphone in a school zone. Using it even to text could result in a $200 fine.

Most of us have a tendency to answer the phone, respond to a text or check Instagram in the car, but the relationship between humans, cellphones, and driving can take an ugly turn when we're talking about students walking to school.

Parents like Kiara Mosley might not know off the top of their heads that according to TXDOT, 1 in 5 crashes in Texas are caused by distracted driving, but she and others don't need stats to encourage them to safely walk with their kids to school.

"Definitely the extra cars in the afternoon and it's kind of chaotic, especially in the beginning of the year," she said.

VIDEO: Bus stop traffic rules

Houston Independent School District police Chief Robert Mock said his officers took a refresher course in the summer to be ready to enforce distracted driving.

"We have a consistent message we like to put out: We never sacrifice safety for convenience," Mock said.

A mother of three, Kandice Smith has another message:

"Our lives matter. All lives matter. Children's lives walking to school matter because they're our future. Pay attention, get off your phone," she said.

The texting and driving ban will expand statewide on Sept. 1.

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