This is your back-to-school advice to a 16-year-old you

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HOUSTON – The first day back to school can be fraught with worry about what's to come, so we turned to you -- who have experienced the best and worst of it all -- for some advice on going back to school that you'd give yourselves at age 16.

Here are some of the best -- and funniest -- responses we received from you. 

What piece of advice for going back to school would you give your 16-year-old self?

Posted by KPRC2 / Click2Houston on Monday, August 26, 2019

Lance Nagayama
Keep my pretty girlfriend but focus more on studying than weekend partying. Grades and education build your future, not high school parties, stories and egos.

James Edward Sheridan
You will have zero contact from your high school "friends," in the not-so-distant future.

Cindy ZC
Do your homework, participate in school clubs and make friends with your teachers so you'll get good recommendations. A good GPA will get you scholarships and college admittance. Extracurriculars look good on college applications. Your mom works two jobs for you, and you need to get a good career to help her out.
Jacquetta Elizabeth White
 Develop a good study regimen. Those guys aren't worthy of your precious innocence. (Only 2 but they didn't deserve it). Start researching my chosen career path and start networking. By the end of college, you will have some familiarity with this career and hopefully find a mentor along the way.

Kimberly Martinez Murillo
Party more, kiss that one boy who got away, focus on school classes that will help take over the family business to make it easier and your best friend will stab you in the back so keep your distances from her! Listen to your mom and cherish her !! 

Michael Majsterski
Don't rush things. Enjoy your time in school. You're going to miss it when you're older.

Sharon Sommer Ross
Hit the books harder, the guys can wait, and get closer to God.

Daniel Reyes
Stay curious, keeping asking questions, and enjoy learning for learning's sake....not just to get good grades, scholarships, or a good-paying job. The rest will naturally fall into place....friends, career, etc.

Sue Bryan
Don't try to get everyone to like you -- just like yourself and be yourself, and be nice to people because you don't know what they are going through. Respect others -- to get respect, you have to give respect also.

Cheryl Gilbert
Make every effort to be punctual, follow rules, be courteous and go the extra mile to obtain success. All of these rules/suggestions follow you throughout life. Enjoy this time in life for it only happens once.

Nathaniel Hall
Life moves quickly so don't be too quick to grow up you will miss these days.

Michael Bowlin
I know school is boring, but do the work. Stop smoking cigarettes. Exercise.

Trey Janes
Take it more and less seriously at the same time. Enjoy that period of your life, because it's really your last chance to be a kid.

Miranda Goodman
Speak up when you think something is not right. Study!! Stop worrying about what others think of you and focus on your grades. Stop wishing to be an adult!

Christina Amieva
See something say something. A child needs help don't be afraid of what others think help that child. Others will see and hopefully catch on. Not every child is as fortunate as the next and you have no idea what struggles that child had to go through that morning. ️

Naomi Madrid
Don't try to be like everyone else, it's too much effort. Your unique self is enough.

Melissa Badamo
Don't skip school because you don't like the class it might benefit you later in life. Learn everything you can and if you don't understand or struggling in a class get a tutor. Love yourself first and foremost and don't give into peer pressure.

Susan Walker
Your friends are not as smart as you think they are and may not even be your friends. Watch your back.

Troy Rogers
Wear that condom!!! Stick with baseball. Don't wreck your dirt bike so much. Trust me, that girl from Deer Park don't love you!

Layla Nuno
Listen to your mom. She's always right.

Neko Adri
Your high school "buddies" aren't going to pay your bills.

Barbara Amaro
Stay focused!!! Your education needs to come first fun can wait for weekends.

Crystal Moncada
Pay attention in class!! Get as much help you need never feel embarrassed to ask. Make friends with the smart kids.

Roy Suarez
You will use math when you grow up.

Paul Enriquez
Buy as much Amazon stock as you can.

Sue Golemi Kinane
Get involved with as much as possible. Don't sweat public speaking, everyone has to do it at some point.

Daniel Beard
Think about a career in electronics.

Erica Avila
Do not date gang bangers and begin a great skin care routine.

Suzy Lawson
Be yourself and ignore the haters.

Thoa Bui
Do not procrastinate. Just do it.

Danielle Vega
TRY. It will all be over so fast so ENJOY IT! And do better.

Helen Moss
Your education will last a lifetime, so study, study, study and do well!

Loretta McCorkle
Don't date. Focus on school. Ask for help if needed. Avoid people in general.

Melissa Jo Owens Williams
Study harder -- take harder classes don't just skate through.

Ronnie Knoll
In Texas, despite what the coaches tell you, football isn't that important.

Thomas Turman
Don't put up with bully's BS! Stand up for yourself like you do now in your 40s! Speak your mind! Stop being shy! Then study your butt off to get accepted into a university!

Brenda Nichols
Your choices matter more than you think. If you treat life like a joke you'll become the joke.

Bebe Wagner
Wait for a real man not these little boys and don't care so much about what people think.

Robert Ibanez
When you join the Marines in a few years you get married. Don't do it!! If the Marines wanted you to have a wife, they would've issues you one.

Sue Hudson
Adulthood is a trick. Enjoy these times while you can. Stay a kid as long as you can.

Deigh Knick
If you're going to skip school, make sure it's AFTER lunch like normal kids.

Iven Martinez
Learn about money instead of learning triangles and algebra to get a job/career.

Alex Torres
Read them books. Just read and watch how easy your classes will be. Make sure you ask questions if you need help or don't understand something. Don't be afraid. Life gets tough when you out of high school.

Jessica Nava
Pay attention in school, ask questions instead of being shy.

Brandon Smith
Give them whatever they want to get your good grades. Math and science is necessary, history was diluted, play football instead of basketball, and your real education doesn't start until college anyway.

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