Safety reminders: Be cautious when driving near school buses, zones

Students in Fort Bend County are gearing up to head back to school. As they make their way into the classroom, students will notice some changes around the school to help keep them safe.

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – As children head back to school, law enforcement officials are encouraging drivers to use caution in school zones and around school buses.

Fort Bend Independent School District parent Micleah Cherry said she has concerns.

“(There are) Very impatient drivers that are not really being cautious and careful of the kids crossing on the crosswalks. And then, of course, the kids that are crossing where there aren’t crosswalks, it’s very dangerous in the afternoons,” Cherry said.

Here are some tips from the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office:

  • Always wear your seat belt
  • Slow down in school zones
  • Don’t text and drive

“Always slow down, take an alternative route if you can. That’s always good advice. If nothing else, make sure you’re going slow and paying attention,” Maj. Chad Norvell, with the FBCSO, said.

Even when they're not near a school, Norvell said people should watch for school buses and kids getting on and off the bus in neighborhoods.

“Every year, kids get hit, kids get killed in school zones. They get hurt around school buses, so pay attention to the buses. It’s hard to corral the kids who might jump off and run,” Norvell said.

For Cherry, the message to drivers was simple: “Be patient and be courteous to the other drivers. We’re all just trying to get everybody safely to their destination.”

The FBSCO said it'll have deputies near schools looking for traffic violators.

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