Twin brothers at Klein Oak High School graduating at top of their class

SPRING, Texas – Identical twins who attend Klein Oak High School have a very unique sibling rivalry, and it pushed them to succeed inside and outside the classroom.

The Martinez brothers, Joshua and Joseph, were born only one minute apart.

“Someone will just come up to me, I don’t know who they are, they’re friends with him, and just start having a conversation,” said Joseph Martinez. 

They’re seniors, and out of nearly 1,000 students, they are ranked first and second in their graduating class.

“I scored higher on the ACT, but he scored higher on the SAT, so it’s always back and forth,” said Joshua Martinez.

They compete in their school’s robotics team and it’s fair to say they have a lot in common, including their favorite subjects.

“Definitely math and computer science," said Joshua Martinez. "Those tie in together a lot."

After spending 18 years together, the twins plan on splitting up. Joshua is looking at colleges on the West Coast, while Joseph is looking at schools in the East. The plan after college is to join forces again and start their own company.

“We get two unique different perspectives, from different parts of the world, and just bring it together," said Joshua Martinez.

"Maybe create one greater project that will help either contribute to either to A.I. or cybersecurity," Joseph Martinez said. "(We want to) just help better the world." 

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