Cy-Fair ISD students start school year with new security policy in place

CYPRESS, Texas – Cy-Fair ISD put new security measures in place for the new school year, months after the shooting at Santa Fe High School.

"We’ve put together two mental health intervention teams, and those teams are going to consist of two counselors, a psychologist and two mental health police officers," Superintendent Dr. Mark Henry said.

The mental health intervention teams were in response to the tragedy in Santa Fe in May that claimed 10 lives.

"These mental health intervention teams will be able to help with suicide intervention or, of course, if someone is planning on doing something at a school, we can intervene there also," he said.

Cy-Fair ISD encourages students, parents and teachers to speak up if they notice someone in need.

"Make sure that if a student is showing some type of personality changes, that might indicate that they’re struggling in their life that they let someone know," Henry said.

Also, in the works for four years, this year all 91 schools have what they call a "security vestibule" at entrances, which includes bullet-resistant glass.

"Let's just say as a parent, you have to buzz in and then you’re kinda captured in that secure vestibule until we can clear you," he said. "It's just a way to prevent someone who shouldn’t be on a campus from having access to our campus."

Henry also said teachers were required to take active shooter training this summer.

Students using clear backpacks

As Cy-Fair ISD students returned to school Monday, they were required to use clear backpacks in an effort to help keep children safe.

"The purpose of the clear backpack is so that any adult, any other student can just take a quick glance and make sure that there’s not any type of contraband," Henry said.

Henry said that if students bring weapons or drugs to school, those items will likely be in their backpacks.

Some parents have expressed their concern, calling it an invasion of privacy.

"Any student can bring two 6x9 bags in their backpack where if they have any private items that they need to hide or secure, they’ll be able to do that in those bags," Henry said.

Some parents said they agree with any steps to keep their children safe.

"You don’t have to worry about students bringing weapons or anything like that," parent Jessica Simon said.

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