Back2School: 30 school lunch ideas to get the school year started right


HOUSTON – School starts this month. If you've already grown tired of the same old peanut butter and jelly sandwich before the first bell, we're helping you mix it up. We've pulled 30 of the most interesting lunch ideas from Houston bloggers and parents. Grab your child's lunchbox and feel free to steal these ideas!

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PHOTOS: Back2School lunch ideas

1) Pinwheels, Banana Chips & Z Bar (Houston Moms Blog)
Kelly, the founder of Houston Moms Blog, made pinwheels with a spinach wrap, cream cheese, and ham.

2) Rice Cake w/ SunButter, Babybel Cheese, Carrots & Fruit Mix (Houston Moms Blog)
To avoid the sunbutter sticking to the lid, Kelly put another rice cake right on top to seal it up.

3) Crackers w/ Meat & Cheese, Freeze-Dried Apples & Grape Tomatoes (Houston Moms Blog)
Kelly uses natural cheese and meats like organic turkey sticks and real chicken breast slices. She says the freeze-dried apples don't turn brown like fresh cut apples do!

4) Hummus Dippers, Cheese Stick & Trail Mix (Houston Moms Blog)
You can separate the veggies from the pita chips (so the chips don't get soggy) with a silicone cupcake liner. 

5)  Peanut Butter Dippers, Veggie Chips & Babybel Cheese (Houston Moms Blog)
These Justin's Squeeze Packs come in a lot of different options like almond butter and chocolate hazelnut. Kelly's kids love getting to squeeze their own peanut butter onto crackers, banana chips, and whatever else she has laying around.

6) Ants On A Log, Babybel Cheese & Annie's Bunnies (Houston Moms Blog)
Don't make this ahead of time. Your kids can assemble their own "ants on a log." Just pre-cut and wash the celery, toss in a Justin's Peanut Butter Squeeze Pack, and fill a silicon cup with raisins. 

7) Rice Cake w/ Hummus, Celery, Cheese Stick & Fruit Mix (Houston Moms Blog)
Kelly put a spoonful of hummus into the corner of a sandwich bag, snipped off the tip, and piped it like frosting onto a cake. Top it off with another rice cake before putting the lid on the container.

8) Caterpillar Rice Balls (Big Kid Small City)
Jill Jarvis, author of Big Kid Small City, uses sushi rice to make fun shapes for her kids lunch box.
Follow this link to read how you can make them too.

9) Snake Quesadilla (Big Kid Small City)
Jarvis used food markers to make the scales on this snake quesadilla. 

10) Waffle Sandwich (Big Kid Small City)
Lego my Eggo! Jarvis just used Nutella & jam inside.

11)  Rainbow Noodles (Big Kid Small City)

12) Hot Dogs & Spaghetti Noodles (Big Kid Small City)

Jarvis calls this "Spaghetti Squids" because she pierced bites of hot dogs with spaghetti noodles. After they're cooked, they look like squid!

13) Tomato & Mozzarella (Big Kid Small City)
Jarvis kept it simple with grape tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

14) Apple slices wrapped in prosciutto

15) Cheese Quesadillas

16) Burritos (with cheese and shredded chicken)

17) Pizza Rolls

18) Pancakes & Cream Cheese

19) Meatballs & Pasta

20) Mini Corndog Muffins

21) Ham & Cheese lunchbox muffins

22) Power Packed Fruit & Veggie Muffins. Add yogurt and cheese!

23) Polka Dot Pizza Dippers: Bake pizza dough bites with 1 pepperoni in the middle. Send marinara as a dipping sauce.

24) Sandwich Kabobs

25) Breakfast for Lunch! Pack mini frozen pancakes (They'll thaw by lunch.), a hard-boiled egg, fruit & yogurt.

26) Salami & Cheese Roll-ups

27) DIY Tostadas: Tortilla chips, refried beans, shredded cheese and salsa 

28) DIY Pizza Sandwich: Bagel, shredded cheese, pepperoni & marinara

29) Cheese Raviolis- easy to eat

30) Frozen chicken nuggets or sticks. They taste fine at room temperature.