WATCH: School nurse's Adele parody goes viral

Video has more than 44,000 views on YouTube


IOWA – An Iowa school nurse has heard every excuse for trying to get out of class, and she’s chronicled them in song for a hilarious video that’s gone viral.

Kelli Petersen loves her job in the Mediapolis School District. She also loves Adele. So when she wanted to put her work travails to music, she chose the British singer’s smash hit “Hello.”

“Hello, can you hear me? I go through Band-Aids for every elbow, finger, knee,” Petersen croons in the video shot in her school office.

Watch school nurse-Adele parody by clicking here

She changed the lyrics to reflect the pitfalls of school nurses everywhere, she said.

Her husband recorded her singing the rewritten version, and then she lip-synched the words as she moved across her office, using her 8-year-old daughter Sophia, a second-grader at the same school, as an actress in the video.

“You tell me have a headache, but little do you know I know you have a test to take! You have no fever, and your throat looks fine, get your butt back to class and ace that test!” she sings at one point.

She also promises faking students that there’s no way they’re going to be sent home. “Because if you haven’t pooped or puked, you’re going to stay in school,” she says.

The video was made all in good fun, Petersen said, adding that after 20 years in the medical field, being a school nurse is the best job she’s ever had.