Meet Nat Wolff


Nat Wolff returns to the big screen this weekend as Quentin in “Paper Towns.” Learn more about the actor before you see the film.

Nat Wolff was born in Los Angeles and grew up in New York.His parents are Michael Wolff, a jazz pianist, and Polly Draper, an actress.His younger brother, Alex Wolff, is also an actor and a musician.Like his family, Nat also has some musical talent. He is a singer and a songwriter.In 2007 he and his brother starred in the TV series “The Naked Brothers Band.” His cousin Jesse Draper also appeared in the series.In 2011 he appeared in the movie “Peace, Love & Misunderstanding.”He appeared in the star-studded “New Year’s Eve” in 2011.In 2012 Wolff appeared in “Stuck in Love.”Wolff appeared in “Admission” in 2013.In 2014 he starred as Isaac in “The Fault in Our Stars.”“The Fault in Our Stars” was based on the John Green novel, as was Wolff’s latest film, “Paper Towns.”