Our 8 favorite pumpkin carvings by KPRC viewers

See some of our favorite KPRC viewer-submitted pumpkin carving photos.

HOUSTON – A few days ago, we put a call out on social media asking y'all to share your best pumpkin carving photos and boy were we NOT disappointed. 

The carvings ranged from scary, to intricate, to hilarious. 

Y'all really love spooky season as much as we do and so it was hard to narrow the list down. But here are our favorite carvings submitted by you: 

1. Can we have lessons? 

This photo submitted by Andrea Puentes is UNREAL! 

2) What a nightmare! 

Courtney Wunder submitted this carving that looks like it was carved by Jack Skellington himself. Nothing screams Halloween like Tim Burton! 

Submitted by Courtney Wunder

3) Go Texans! 

Clearly KPRC viewer Dan Fernandez is a die-hard Texans fan. Love this pumpkin carving photo submitted by him. 

Submitted by Dan Fernandez

4) Cannibal Lecter? 

This twisted carving was submitted by Rosanne Legon and unless it wasn't clear, these gourds "eat their own!" 

Submitted by Rosanne Legon

5) Feel like someone's watching you? 

We loved this photo submitted by Judith Garcia D Armenta. The two candles lighting up the pumpkin's eyes really give us the creepy feeling that someone's watching. 

Submitted by Judith Garcia D Armenta

6) Let's 'hang' out! 

Normally I wouldn't say that about a bat but this happy little bat carving submitted by Candace Reynolds makes me think it wouldn't be so bad! 

Submitted by Candace Reynolds

7) Don't put that pumpkin in your bedroom!

Honestly, would you want to wake up at 1 a.m. to that glowing demon face in the corner? Chris Alvarado's submission is terrifying and beautiful at the same time! 

Submitted by Chris Alvarado

8) Hold my beer! 

The carved pumpkin photo submitted by James Mouton is not only hilarious, but also a great Halloween party hack. 

Submitted by James Mouton

We loved all these SO much! If you have a pumpkin carving you're proud of, send it our way!