'Haunted' Lavaca County jail one of the oldest in Texas

History of Lavaca County jail

Hallettsville – Hallettsville, Texas is a little over 100 miles east of San Antonio in Lavaca County.

Built in 1885, the Lavaca County jail has stood the test of time, and didn’t actually close until 2005, making it the second oldest operating jail in Texas at the time.

“A lot of history and architecturally is just an awesome building, and it has 30-inch-thick masonry wall,” owner Roger Chambers said.

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The downstairs houses offices, sleeping quarters for deputies and at some point in the past, sheriffs and their families lived on the property.

In 1976 a new area of the jail was added and it became the place where female inmates were kept. 

Not only was the jail one of the longest running in the state, it was also a place where justice was served quickly.

“There was a gallows in the yard adjacent to the jail where they did public hangings,” property manager Debra Fawcett said.

The numerous executions, suicides and anguish inside the jail cells is why many believe the place is haunted.

If you dare go inside, it is open for tours and paranormal investigations.

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