Watch out for head lice in Halloween costumes


There's a health alert for parents as this Halloween offers something really scary -- something that infests the scalp and the hair.

Watch out for head lice in masks and costumes, pediatric nurse practitioner Cherie Sexton told Toledo, Ohio, station WTOL-TV.

Cherie Sexton said children tend to try on several costumes and masks at party stores, and just one person with head lice can spread the bugs to others who try on the costume.

Sexton recommends being selective when trying on costumes, and wearing a swim cap when trying on wigs and masks, to create a head lice barrier. 

Once a costume is purchased, place it in a sealed bag for 48 hours. Or, if the costume material can by put in the dryer, do so for 45 minutes to kill any lice.

For more information on head lice -- including what they look like, signs and symptoms, and treatment visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website