KPRC 2 political analyst weighs in on Harris County races that had surprise outcomes on Super Tuesday

HOUSTON – Super Tuesday was a stunner with many races across Harris County ending in either runoff elections or surprise upheavals.

An all-female win for Harris County judges

Female candidates made a clean sweep in the Harris County Judicial races, winning all 21 spots.

“The woman won every one of them and the smallest margin was like 60%,” said KPRC 2 political analyst Ed Emmett.

Judge George Powell, Harris County criminal district court judge for the 351st lost to Natalia Cornelio. Cornelio secured 64% of votes while Powell only received 36%. In January, Powell had to fight his own party, the Democratic Party, to get his name on the ballot due to a filing fee error.

Name confusion upends Precinct 2 Constable candidate’s bid

Harris County Precinct 2 Constable hopeful Jerry Garcia’s worst fears came true Tuesday when a name confusion with a fellow candidate with the same name cost the law enforcement officer votes, said Emmett, the former Harris County Judge.

Incumbent constable Chris Diaz was also accused of abusing his power. Eleven former employees sued Diaz in December on 2019. The former employees allege Diaz coerced them into giving campaign donations and when they stopped, he retaliated against them.

“That one is just kind of down and dirty,” Emmett said. “I mean, there’s no way around it. He’s been accused by some of his deputies of forcing him to be involved in campaign.”

Lt. Garcia and Constable Diaz will have a runoff.

Incumbent Harris County Attorney ousted by newcomer

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan was ousted by political newcomer Christian Menefee, who received 50% of votes and won outright, avoiding a runoff. Ryan had 25% of votes.

“The County Attorney, Vince Ryan lost and a lot of that has to do with the nature of his job,” said Emmett. “He has to sometimes tell other elected officials what they can and cannot do and it probably cost him.”

Ryan served as Harris County Attorney since 2008.