With the Carsule Pop-Up Cabin, you’ll ditch the tent forever. And now, it’s $60 off.

With the Carsule Pop-Up Cabin, you’ll ditch the tent forever. And now, it’s $60 off. (via StackCommerce)

TL;DR: The Carsule Pop-Up Cabin is like adding a 6x6-foot room to the back of your vehicle for camping and other outdoor activities, now $60 off at just $319.99 for a limited time.

Many love the frontier spirit of pitching a tent in the great outdoors and sleeping under the stars like our forebears did for centuries. But admit it – if there was a choice between sleeping in a flimsy tent or enjoying your own cabin in the woods, we’d almost all choose the extra space and comfort provided by the larger structure.

Of course, cabins don’t go up overnight. But with the convenience of the Carsule Pop-Up Cabin for Your Car, your car, truck, or SUV’s swing-up rear tailgate becomes the support for a room-sized living and sleeping space that goes up in seconds and feels more like a true cabin than that lackluster tent ever could.


The Carsule, which sprang to life from a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, compactly folds down to less than 3 feet across for easy storage in your vehicle trunk. But when attached to the raised door, it becomes a 6 by 6 square foot room with over 6 feet of headroom connected to the back of your vehicle.

Easily erected in under 5 minutes, this cozy, waterproof living space features a UV protective coating and is big enough to sleep up to four people. It’s also both tall enough and wide enough to stand comfortable, set up a table, eat a meal, read, or even work from any location where your car or truck can reach.

The Carsule’s mesh siding and large windows promote air circulation through the cabin, while the thick felt flooring, fine mosquito netting and other quality features offer comfort, function and protection that put the old tent to shame.

And if you crave even more space, the Carsule’s modular construction allows users to attach other Carsule units for creating larger areas.

You can also get the Carsule Pop-Up Cabin for Your Car now at the best price available anywhere on the web, $60 off the regular $379 to bring your total to just $319.99.

Prices subject to change.