Reorganize your laptop for the new year with this service, now 52% off

Spaces (via StackCommerce)

Most people make it a priority to clean and de-clutter their homes or offices to keep it as fresh and organized as possible. it’s easier to live and work when an area is clean and things are in their rightful spot! But even though more and more of our lives are moving online, we don’t spend nearly as much time freshening up our online spaces, even though it should be a priority, too.

Enter Spaces Pro, the ultimate way to clean up a Macbook desktop. Not only is this an incredibly useful and simple tool, it’s also currently on sale for an incredible price. Typically retailing for $19, you can now get it for $9. That’s 52% off, no coupons needed!

Spaces makes everything clean and organized by separating your beloved apps and websites into an unlimited amount of workspaces, so you can easily find what you actually need with the click of a button. What this means is you can essentially create different desktops for all your different computer functions. Want a desktop-focused on your job? You got it. One for reading your favorite news sites? You can have that, too. How about one just for your social media? Done! You can create a new workspace whenever you need it.

It’s also possible to create a variety of shortcuts and controls to make it simpler to launch these workspaces. With over 16 custom layouts, you can truly make these workspaces your own and do what works best for you.

“If you use Spaces on your Mac then you probably love this feature so much that you can’t imagine not having it,” AppleInsider wrote in its description, explaining, “It’s not the same as having two actual monitors side by side on your desk yet in many ways it is exactly like that. You have the ability to spread out your work in a way that makes sense to you and you get to choose which you focus on at what time.”

Change the way you use your laptop and get a subscription to Spaces Pro for Mac for only $9 now.

Prices subject to change.