Learn guitar for $30 with this online course bundle

It's the perfect time to start learning the guitar!
It's the perfect time to start learning the guitar! (StackCommerce)

It might seem like everyone found a new hobby during the pandemic. If you were too busy working, taking care of your family or just trying to get through it all, you’re not alone. Luckily, COVID-induced quarantines aren’t the only time you can pick up a new skill. With a little passion and dedication, you can finally pursue your dreams and learn something new.

The Complete 2021 Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle is here for you to pick up the guitar and start playing with confidence. Yes, it will take time and practice to really learn, but music can be a stress-relieving hobby, not a chore.

This bundle has 14 courses and 470 lessons with 79 hours of content. Start by learning how to hold your guitar, then start strumming, playing chords and notes and more!

You probably won’t feel like or become a rockstar at first, but starter lessons and daily practice ‘workouts’ will help you build the fundamentals to get up to speed. Then, you can start learning different genres and styles with courses that focus on blues, jazz and electric guitar.

This bundle is the perfect way to familiarize yourself with the guitar. Courses on the building blocks will set you up to start making real music with more advanced coursework. A practice plan will help you stay accountable to keep learning and improving.

Seasoned guitar teachers Dan Dresnok and Scott Van Zen present information in clear ways for intuitive learning.

If you have a guitar at home that’s been gathering dust or were looking for a sign to finally get one, now is your chance. On sale for just $29.99 each course in the bundle costs you just over $2. Snag the Complete 2021 Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle to explore the full potential of this skill, hobby and tool of self-expression.

Prices subject to change.