Climb up the career ladder by learning to become a better business manager and mentor

Become a true business leader knowing how to mentor and grow teams.
Become a true business leader knowing how to mentor and grow teams. (Anna Shvets/Pexels)

A move into management comes with a lot of pride—and a lot of pressure. If you’ve recently made the leap into a new job with responsibilities at a higher level in your company, brushing up on some expert management advice is invaluable. Learn everything you need to know from the five courses in The 2021 Better Manager Bundle—discounted 75% off now for just $29.99.

Over 50 hours of content—which you’ll have lifetime access to—delve into team building, coaching, workplace environments, influence, and leadership skills. Work through the 44 lessons on Cudoo, an e-learning platform from

When you learn from Cudoo, you’re supporting the company and their one-for-one initiative, which donates courses to people in need. So far, 19,000 people have taken over 150,000 courses through the initiative.

The courses you’ll start within this bundle include Building Better Teams, Coaching and Mentoring, Creating a Positive Workplace Environment, Influence and Persuasion, and Leadership Skills for Supervisors—Communication, Coaching, and Conflict.

In Building Better Teams, concentrate on building trust among team members and concentrating on communication goals. Over 10 sessions, you’ll investigate the best ways to approach building a team as a manager.

As a manager, fostering a good environment is important, so, learn more about How to Create a Positive Workplace Environment in this course. Bad workplaces can become notorious—but with the right skills, you don’t have to let yours be that way. Over six lessons, figure out how to encourage your employees to create an excellent social environment on the job.

When you finish each course, get a certificate of completion to apply to your résumé. You may even qualify for CEUs—ask your HR department.

Want to feel more confident in your role as a manager? Learn how to be the best coach and mentor you can for your employees. With The 2021 Better Manager Bundle, approach these topics in a controlled, logical way so you can absorb important information. And right now, save 75% when you do so. These typically $119 courses are available for just $29.99 total, so start the journey to become a better manager today.

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