Improve your posture with this Shark Tank-featured back-saver, for $49

With over $1 million raised on Shark Tank, this device helps you sit comfortably while you work. (BetterBack)

Aside from back, neck, and shoulder pain, did you know that poor posture can cause incontinence, heartburn, and other GI problems? Learning to sit with better posture can be hard. Especially if you find yourself sinking back down into an unhealthy seated position throughout the day. The BetterBack™ Posture Support can help train your body’s posture and prevent sitting in a slumped position. This back-saver is on sale for $49 for a limited time, so grab it while you still can.

The BetterBack Posture Support, featured on the TV show Shark Tank, is made from NASA engineered memory foam for ultimate sitting support and comfort. It has a weather-resistant outer shell that protects it from getting wet, slip-resistant knee pads to prevent sliding when worn on the knees, and custom webbing straps for an ergonomic fit.

The average American adult spends more than half of their day sitting. Sitting for an extended period can put a strain on your body and unnatural stress on your vertebrae, which leads to even worse posture. This is why the BetterBack is needed. The BetterBack is useful while sitting at your desk, watching TV, traveling, gaming, meditating, and other activities.

BetterBack was successfully funded on Kickstarter and pledged $1,193,776, thanks to 16,459 supporters. Customers who have purchased the BetterBack are happy with the results. One buyer says, “As soon as I put this on, it kept my posture corrected. The pain was almost instantly relieved and went completely away after awhile.”

If you’re someone who sits at a desk for work all day or lives a somewhat sedentary lifestyle, you can benefit from the BetterBack. Correct your posture for good and take advantage of this incredible deal while it’s still available for $49.99.

Prices subject to change.